Everglades Walking Tour

Everglades Walking Tour


Experience an Everglades adventure walking tour of 90 minutes. This is ideal for those who want to explore deeply excursion, splashing through the cypress swamps and scrubland. You will learn about the Big Cypress National Preserve, the amazing ecosystem and wildlife that supports the park.

Whether in the highlands or wetlands of Big Cypress National Preserve, the walking tour is 90 minutes through the Everglades National Park, this ecosystem is quite impressive, excellent and safe. You can see stunning views, beautiful and exotic flowers, trees cross grass, rock, cypress, vegetation, Spanish moss and fern routes and animals not found anywhere else in the world.


Our advice:

Enjoy a day away from the bustle of the city, given the flexibility to customize the itinerary to your preferences, you have the opportunity to see native wildlife in their natural habitat.