Orange Bowl Parade

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14360 NW 77th Court Miami Lakes, FL 33016

Orange Bowl Parade

Hours: Nov. 27 4:00 pm - 9:00 a.m

It is an international festival for young people, where hundreds of children take to the streets of the center of Coral Gables where young people are very active and feel accompanied by the community to participate in athletic, academic and cultural competitions that attract more than 7,500 young people Of Miami, and more than 76 countries around the world. Together, these events constitute the Junior Orange Bowl Festival, which is designed to provide more than 15 healthy competitions to show the skills, talents and strengths of children ages five to 18.

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Our advice:

Here you can share with your family of music bands, floats parades which are very colorful and colorful, community groups and much more.

It is a street surrounded by palm trees and at the same time they are conditioned for the spectators, where they can be comfortable and enjoy a good show.

There are motorcyclists presentations where they are shown with very typical costumes and very attractive for the event.

In addition, samples of old vehicles are made in this celebration. It is a moment of great fun that enjoy great and boys for its varied programming.