Hard Rock Café Miami

Hard Rock Café Miami

Open daily: 11 a.m -12 a.m

It is an exotic restaurant-bar located in the wonderful Biscayne Bay of Miami, where you will find a space to share with family or friends, a delicious homemade and legendary cocktails.

Hard Rock Cafe Miami is the place to go for a romantic outdoor dinner in a majestic oceanfront patio and accompanied by an excellent music.

Something very striking is that its walls are decorated with musical objects, in order to pay homage to those who made legend. If you want to know more about this site go to this link.


Our Advice:

You can enjoy on the balcony of this place a delicious hamburger accompanied by a nice frozen beer.

Here you have the opportunity to share a delicious dish of the best gastronomy, where you are surrounded by a quiet and very pleasant atmosphere.

If you want a business lunch this is the space indicated, try the delicious gastronomy.