Miami Beach Food and Art Deco Walking Tour

Miami Beach Food and Art Deco Walking Tour

Check Out: 12:00 p.m - 5:00 p.m Duration 3 hours


Visit local restaurants in Miami (5 restaurants) and walk South Beach while appreciating the Art Deco architecture, this tour is a guided culinary tour, and learning a little history, architecture, and social movements from Miami.

You can try exquisite dishes and drinks advised by local experts. After this tour you will have a little more knowledge to visit the various restaurants in Miami or do not return to the restaurant to leave you with that taste in the mouth.

Taste it in this tour from the best Cuban coffee with one of the most delicious desserts in Miami, there begins the adventure en route to the historic sites of Miami.

Your second stop will be in a single Argentine restaurant, all homemade ingredients, while testing these empanadas, you will hear about the culinary fusions.

As the tour continues you will appreciate the architecture of Art Deco, as the houses built with the Mediterranean style of the early twentieth century.

Your next stop will be to test the coxina's and bolinha of delicacie famous bacalhau in Lincoln Road, in the courtyard of the site will be surrounded by samba and passersby music, there you can enjoy your posts and give you energy with a glass of delicious fruit juice nuts.

Gastronomic tour continues through the Spanish way onto Ocean Drive, the mecca of the holidays, here really Architecture renovated Deco and other culinary delights, go to the Turtle Room at the Hotel Tides. This restaurant is famous for its architecture and mix of food international fusion sea.

Finally you can get the best sweet an Italian ice cream the world's most famous homemade Gelato.


Our advice:

We recommend you take one of these tours at the beginning of your trip, so you'll have a better idea than other restaurants to visit for dinner. Please note that these tours do not include parking, transportation from the hotel and / or tip, and the meeting point is in Central location in South Beach.